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We Provide WordPress Site Care – (1) hour/ Month

You know what’s no fun? Dealing with website headaches. Finding hacks and workarounds for endless updates and technical issues.

When you partner with us, you don’t have to worry about:

1. Plugins acting up

2. Slow website

3. Security threats

4. Uploading website content

Sound stress-free and simple? It is! We will take care of it all.

We empower authors to maximize their talent and prosper!


  • WordPress Security
  • 1 hour of Site/Content Updates
  • Pro SEO
  • Site Map Integration
  • Google Analytics Reports
  • Stunning Popups
  • Advanced Forms
  • Image Optimization
  • Faster, Lighter and WP Optimized
  • Daily Backups
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • + So Much More Features

Outdated WordPress sites are vulnerable to attacks. Our maintenance plan safeguards your site with timely updates, security fixes, and constant monitoring.

We proactively protect you from cyberthreats, eliminate vulnerabilities, and keep your site running smoothly.

Don’t leave your site’s safety to chance. Sign up now to lock down WordPress security through our reliable maintenance services.

Whether you purchased a design/hosting from Sajah’s Design Studio or you have you’re own WordPress site, allow us to level up your security.

What is the WordPress Security?

  1. Security scans
  2. Vulnerability reports
  3. Login protection
  4. Two-factor authentication
  5. Security tweaks and recommendations
  6. Google blocklist monitoring
  7. IP lockout device
  8. Google reCAPTCHA
  9. Core and plugin code checker
  10. Restore and repair changed files
  11. 404 Lockouts
  12. Manual IP allowlist and blocklist
  13. Resolve security recommendations and issues in bulk
  14. Geolocation blocking (block based on location)
  15. Lockout logs

Faster, Lighter and Optimized

Continuously monitor, analyze, and enhance your website’s speed and uptime. Identify performance bottlenecks, implement targeted optimizations, and enjoy reliably fast site speeds.

Instantly pinpoint website files to optimize – compress HTML, combine JavaScript, delay CSS, and more. Test changes safely with built-in Safe Mode before deploying live for maximum performance.

Fine-tune your site performance down to the last CSS file.


With comprehensive SEO scans, in-depth audits, and one-click fixes, rapidly optimize your site for higher rankings. Streamline search engine visibility with smart recommendations.

Site Map

A site map is an outline of the pages that exist on your website. It serves as a guide to the overall content and structure of your site. Enhances SEO – Search engines use site maps to more easily crawl and index website content, which can lead to better rankings. XML sitemaps are particularly useful for SEO.

Google Analytics Reports

Monitor your Google Analytics overview, stats, data, and graphs right from your WordPress dashboard. Save time and get a better picture of the most important content on your sites.

Stunning Popups

Build an unlimited number of opt-in forms, pop-ups, slide-ins, and more to boost engagement across your site. Customize every detail to convert visitors into subscribers and customers. Supports all popular platforms Social counter, Floating social bar, Inline social bar, Style to suit, Set specific visibility conditions etc

Advanced Forms

Want to collect recurring/subscription payments directly from your WordPress site? With the Paypal or Stripe subscriptions add-on, that makes it hassle-free. Easily create unlimited forms, polls, quizzes and more with the drag-and-drop form builder. Launch opt-ins, surveys, registrations fast for higher conversions.

Image Optimization

Benefits of this feature:

  1. Faster page load times – Optimized images load faster, which improves overall website speed. This leads to better user experience and SEO.
  2. Better user experience – Smaller, properly formatted images provide a smoother, more responsive viewing experience for visitors.
  3. Reduced bandwidth costs – With smaller file sizes, optimized images use less bandwidth for site owners. This saves money on hosting.
  4. Improved SEO – Search engines favor faster loading pages with optimized images. This can help improve rankings.
  5. Works on all devices – Optimized images resize and scale properly on mobile devices, tablets, laptops etc. ensuring good UX.
  6. Visual consistency – Optimization can retain excellent image quality and visual consistency across devices.
  7. Easy editing and storage – Editing and storing optimized images takes up less disk space and is easier.
  8. Quicker sharing – Optimized images share faster across websites and social media.

One hour of Site/Content Updates

Each month, 1 hour of work is included in your standard plan. If the time required exceeds 1 hour, any additional hours will be billed at $45 per hour.

At Sajah’s Design Studio, we handle all ongoing website maintenance and security on your behalf. We will also handle uploading and editing website content, as long as the client supplies the necessary materials. This includes providing text, images, videos, and other visual assets needed to populate the site.

With our Safety Plan, we take care of it all and this allows you to focus 100% on running your brand and business, rather than website upkeep. Our team has you covered for reliable, worry-free website care and protection.

Daily Backup

  1. Schedule automated backups
  2. Restore with a click
  3. Keep backups for 50 days
  4. Back up to reliable third-party storage.

Two-Factor Authentication

Benefits of using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for WordPress:

  1. Enhanced login security – This makes it much harder for hackers to access accounts.
  2. Protection against attacks – Can prevent common WordPress attacks like brute force login attempts, credential stuffing, and account takeovers.
  3. Peace of mind – Users can feel more assured knowing their WordPress site has extra login safeguards enabled.
  4. Meets compliance standards – It shows security diligence.
  5. Improved user experience – The added login protections give users greater confidence in site security, encouraging engagement.
  6. Reduced risks – Risks associated with compromised or weak passwords are significantly reduced.

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