Why you should use the Avada theme? It’s a multipurpose theme and while most people don’t like those kinds of WordPress themes, they can be quite beneficial.

To get started, the Avada theme has become popular over the years. It has over 800,00+ sales on ThemeForest and it helps you build amazing website, fast. You don’t need to know any coding: HTML, PHP, Java, CSS, nada nothing. Not only have they’ve been the #1 bestselling theme for 10 years. but if you look on ThemeForest, they have high ratings as well.

As I mentioned above, this is a multipurpose theme, and you can create any type of website. The possibilities are endless. You can build for any type of business; big or small brands.

Why You Should Use Avada

In this post, I am going to cover:

  1. Web Host for Avada
  2. Theme Support and Updates
  3. Bundled Features
  4. Theme Demo’s
  5. Avada Customizations
  6. Fusion Builder
  7. Save and Duplicate Containers/Columns

Web Host For Avada

I’ll say this for any website and not just for Avada; Cheap or free web host comes with limitations. Especially if you are thinking about using WordPress and even if you are not using the Avada Theme those web hosts will give you problems. You get what you pay for.

You want a web host that is fast and reliable. Not to mention you want to make sure that their customer service is excellent.

Host your Avada website with SiteGround

I recommend SiteGround because they are an exceptional web host:

  1. They are perfectly synced for Avada.
  2. Ultrafast WordPress services.
  3. Top-rated 24/7 Customer support.
  4. Free email, and SSL.
  5. Security and backups.
  6. They will send you alerts if your site becomes compromised. (Infected with malware and you will have to hire someone to fix the problem.)

Additionally, I also recommend:

  1. BlueHost
  2. Wpengine

You can view Avada’s requirements here, and feel free to do your own research when it comes to web host.

Theme Support and Updates

With every plugin and theme on WordPress, every so often, the creators update their products. They update plugins and themes to make their product operate more smoothly, fix glitches and add additional features. The worse case scenario they release patches so hackers can’t compromise your website.

Once you purchase the Avada theme, and register your license code you will receive updates. You do not need to purchase additional support to receive updates to your theme.

Updating your theme is easy and requires you to sign into your WordPress dashboard. When you get the chance, you should read my post on update your WordPress website.

Bundled Features

Not only do you get a theme that you can easily, design beautiful websites with zero knowledge in coding, you also get bonus features.

  1. Avada Custom Branding
  2. Slider Revolution
  3. LayerSlider WP
  4. Advanced Custom Fields PRO
  5. Convert Plus
  6. FileBird Pro
  7. Bonus Feature

Convert Plus

With the installation of the Avada theme, you don’t need to search for a newsletter plugin. Convert Plus is an all-in-one WordPress pop-up plugin. You don’t have to use the pop-up feature, and you can simply place the newsletter form on a page.

Also, when designing your newsletter forms, you have the option of choosing a pre-designed form or you can create your own.

This plugin not only collects subscribers but it can also:

  1. Set up countdowns
  2. Social media interactions
  3. Exchange email for downloads
  4. Exchange email for discounts etc

Again, this feature is optional and you can leave it deactivated.

FileBird Pro

When you use WordPress, naturally you will accumulate all kinds of files. WordPress by default puts everything into your media file with no organization what’s so ever. FileBird Pro enhances your media library with a clean user interface, native icons, smooth drag & drop, dynamic gallery, advanced sort options, and better organization.

Create folders and keep your media library nice and neat. This plugin is a must, because even if you have an existing website with images and files, organizing the backend will not mess with the front end of your website.

Bonus: Contact Form

The theme comes with a default contact form and you can design and build your own forms. This option is basic, so if you want to add payments or other features you may need to look into another contact form.

Theme Demo’s

The Avada theme comes with amazing pre-designed websites that are categorized. You can import the ready-made demo(s) with just a few clicks. You can customize the newly imported website to your brand by changing the logo, images, content and everything else.

The Avada theme offers over 60 different demo website designs.

On that same note, the Avada theme also offers page demos. If you want to create your own unique structural layout of your website, but maybe you want to import a page or two, you can do that.

They offer various page demos for most of your needs.

Avada makes it easy to create a custom website or page.

Avada Customizations

Whatever you want to customize, you can do it with the Avada options.

On the left side of you screen, you should see an Avada option. Hover over that menu, and click on Options.

When the screen loads, it will look similar to the image below.

You will now notice a secondary menu listing all your options. Scroll down your page to see more of the settings: Layout, responsive, colors, header, menu, logo, page title bar, breadcrumbs, sliding bar, footer, sidebars, background, typography, blog, social media, slideshows, elastic slider, lightbox, forms, contact template, search, privacy, extras, advanced, performance, custom CSS, Avada builder elements, import/export.

Don’t feel overwhelmed. The Avada Options is one of the many reasons why the theme is popular. You have full control over the typography, menu, logo, header, social media and so much more.

If you know coding, you can take things a step further. The Avada theme is limitless.

I would suggest that you take some time and go through the different options. Play around, and tweak the settings to understand what they are.

Here is a documentation on the Avada Theme. Also, when you purchase the Avada theme, you receive 6 months of their support.

Fusion Builder

Another great thing about the Avada theme is their Fusion Builder. This editor is badass because it helps you design pages quickly, with their easy drag-and-drop feature. You don’t need to know coding, or you don’t have to hire a web designer to create a website. You can do this all on your own.

With their Fusion Builder, you can choose from columns and containers to help design the structural layout of your website. They have many layouts, and once you choose one, you can drag it somewhere else. Mix and match them. Try it on your website.

Once you have your columns, the next step is adding Avada elements and here is where the fun begins. You can add texts, images, sliders, whatever you want within the columns.

If you thought the Avada options were a lot, the Avada elements offer even more of an extensive choice.

Look at the below image, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You have the freedom to build any type of website and all without coding knowledge.

Save and Duplicate Containers/Columns

Let’s say you have your perfect page and now, you want to create something similar on a new page, you can do that.

You don’t have to recreate the structure, content, images or buttons, nada nothing. You can simply save a page, container and even an element and reload it wherever you see fit. It’s that easy.


The Avada theme is multi-functioning and simply amazing. Their fusion builder and elements are exceptional. The possibilities of what you can create are endless. You can import a pre-designed website/page or design one on your own. No coding knowledge. No need to hire a web designer. All it takes is a few hours to learn the ins and outs.

The theme and options are all straightforward, and you can read through their documentation.

Avada is perfect for non-techie users and those with coding experience.

The theme is currently $69, and no annual payments. For everything that you receive plus more, that is a great price.

When you get the chance, also check out how to create a WordPress page and how to create a one page author website.

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