Email authentication protocols like DMARC are becoming increasingly important for authors to implement.

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) verifies that emails are really being sent from your domain. This prevents scammers from spoofing your domain in phishing attempts.

For authors, deploying DMARC can provide several key benefits:

Prevent Email Spoofing and Phishing

Scammers often target authors by impersonating them in fake emails to fans. DMARC authentication blocks this spoofing to protect your readers and brand reputation.

Increase Inbox Placement

Properly aligned DMARC policies ensure your legitimate marketing and newsletter emails bypass spam filters for higher inbox delivery rates.

Improve Email Deliverability

Gradually tightening your DMARC policies while aligning infrastructure improves overall email deliverability and sender reputation.

Build Reader Trust and Engagement

DMARC gives readers added confidence that emails are genuinely from you. This increases clicks, openings, purchases and overall engagement.

Protect Sender Reputation

Being DMARC compliant demonstrates to ISPs that you take authentication seriously to protect your domain’s sending reputation.

Gain Visibility on Threats

DMARC aggregate reports provide visibility into any spoofing attempts on your domain so you can stay vigilant.

Clean Up Mailing Lists

DMARC forensic reports help identify invalid or poor quality addresses to maintain healthy email lists.

Stay Ahead of Email Regulations

DMARC is becoming mandatory for email compliance. Verifying DMARC keeps your domain protected as requirements evolve.

In today’s phishing landscape, authors can’t afford to leave their domains vulnerable. Verify your DMARC implementation to keep readers safe and build engagement.

Don’t let DMARC distract you from your business/writing – we’ll handle the technical work for you.

For $55, I will:

  • Implement and align IP addresses, domains, DKIM, and SPF
  • Publish initial DMARC records and advise policies
  • Make recommendations to refine and tighten policies over time
  • Offer technical support if DMARC-related delivery issues arise

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Authenticating your domain can take us anywhere from 24- 48 hours. However, a full authentication can take 2-4 weeks, even if it says that everything is verified.

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