For authors seeking to promote a new book, a dedicated “book spotlight” page can be an invaluable marketing asset. By focusing entirely on one book, a spotlight page provides a space to highlight the most compelling details through custom graphics, intriguing excerpts, and strong calls-to-action.

Here is an example of a Book Spotlight page.

The Power of the Book Spotlight Page

Here are some of the key benefits authors receive from investing time in crafting a top-notch book spotlight page:

Increased Discoverability

Getting lost in the crowd is no fun, am I right? As an author, you want your book to stand out and get discovered!

Well, guess what? We can help.

We will create you a spotlight page, dedicated to your book. Click here to see what we are talking about and you are going to love it. I’m talking a whole page dedicated to showing off your pride and joy. Think of it like a virtual bookstore display just for your title.

Everything will be on the page:

  1. Book Cover
  2. Summary
  3. Format options: eBooks, Audio, Paperbacks
  4. Read Chapter one
  5. Reviews
  6. Music playlist
  7. Plus more features

A custom page brings in more clicks. More views and ore buzz around your book.

Having an optimized page all about your book is like SEO catnip. It gives the search engines exactly what they’re looking for – a focused, information-rich resource specific to your book. When the page targets relevant keywords, links out to book sellers, your author site, etc. that signals to Google “This page is all about this book and deserves to rank!”

The more pages linking to and referencing your book, the more authority and relevance Google sees. So a dedicated spotlight page strengthens your book’s SEO presence.

Not to mention, your book gets the love it deserves.

Here is an example of a Book Spotlight page.

Spread Excitement

When releasing a new book, you need people talking about the release. You need to build excitement.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Amazing, juicy excerpts
  2. Post your glowing reviews
  3. Eye-catching teaser images

By the time readers finish going through your dedicated book page, they’ll want to devour your book.

A stellar spotlight page takes your book’s allure and cranks it to 1000. Readers won’t just add it to their TBR – you want them to one-click it.

Establish Credibility

Here is your chance to brag about your book!

This spotlight page is the perfect place to show off all the praise and accolades for your book. I’m talking reviews, awards, anything that gives you credibility.

New readers will see those rave reviews and bestselling titles and think, “Wow, this book must be the real deal!” Instant credibility boost!

Readers can’t help but get curious and be like, “Ok ok, I gotta check this out then!”

Strengthen Connection to Readers

Reader’s love sneak peeks!

We’re gonna sprinkle some choice excerpts over this spotlight page. Just a tease – not enough to spoil things, but enough to reel readers in.

It’s like saying “Psst, reader. Want a nibble of what this book’s got cookin’?” A tasty preview gets them hooked!

Once readers get that sample, they’ll start connecting with the characters and themes. They’ll get curious about the plot. The vibe will pull them in.

Before they know it, your excerpts will get readers falling in book love! They’ll be so invested in the story and style, they’ll just HAVE to buy the full book.

Excerpts are like trailers for books. They give just the right tease so readers are lined up at midnight to get their copy.

Encourage Purchases

You’ve got an amazing cover, your blurb is on point, you shared some teaser excerpts and readers want more. Congratulations, you’re on the right track. Now you need to make sure that your dedicated book page has a ‘Buy Now’ button in an obvious place. You are either linking other retailers and or direct selling through Bookfunnel.

We don’t want anything slowing them down. No hunting for links, no hassle. Just a clear path from “I want it!” to “It’s mine!”

With spotlight pages, enthused readers can go from discovery to order confirmation in 60 seconds flat.

Your spotlight page should converts curiosity into sales with just a click.

Authors if you want to grow your sales for a new book, a spotlight page is a must!

It puts your book front-and-center with plenty of hype. Juicy excerpts. Rave reviews. Buy links galore. The works!

The goal is simple: when someone lands on that page your book goes from “hmmm interesting” to “gimme gimme gimme!” in 2.5 seconds flat.

A great spotlight page is like a virtual megaphone shouting “Hey world! This book is awesome sauce and you NEED it!”

If you build an exciting spotlight page that showcases your book’s brilliance, the sales will come rolling in. Your book deserves its moment to shine. Give it the attention it deserves.

Let’s get started, book an appointment today!

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