In this post, you will find information on some of the best WordPress analytic plugins. You will understand the details and insights of every area of your site. The beauty of analytic plugins is that you never have to leave your website. The magic happens all within the dashboard of WordPress.

When you start a new website, new owners tend to not have any idea of where their visitors are coming from. Sometimes those users automatically gravitate toward Google Analytics, which is an amazing asset for your website. You can collect real-time data and it will help you optimize your audience, marketing techniques and refine your sales strategy. Google Analytics isn’t user-friendly and everything is scattered and can be downright frustrating. 

With WordPress analytics plugins you will have more of an understanding of the data gathered. The information is easy to access, and you can make reliable decisions and grow your business with amazing results.

 Below I have curated some of the best analytic plugins for your WordPress website.

The Best WordPress Analytic Plugins

MonsterInsights is a powerful analytics plugin for WordPress. You can seamlessly install and connect Google Analytics to your site. You can easily access your data straight from the backend of the WordPress dashboard.

MonsterInsights creates amazing website stats on your dashboard, which shows you where your traffic is coming from. If you are worried that you aren’t too technical or aren’t familiar with coding, none is needed. You don’t even need a developer, which is the perfect solution for small businesses.

This plugin comes with an abundance of features and addons to continue the amazing functionality of the plugin.

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ExactMetrics or once known as Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, is another wonderful Analytics plugin for WordPress. Once you install the tracking code onto your site header, you can view data directly on the WordPress dashboard.  ExactMetrics helps you to easily understand the data and reports.

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Analytify can be easily placed as one of the top three Analytics plugins for WordPress. This plugin is amazing for businesses and it offers enhanced eCommerce features.

This plugin is fairly similar to MonsterInsight in its functionality. Receive detailed data on your portfolios, custom post types, image galleries, and testimonials. Something to mention, you may need to install addons for extra features like.

Overall the free version is limited but the premium isn’t as expensive as other analytic plugins. With the premium, you receive real-time data, campaign stats, and email notifications.

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Ladies and gentlemen, Heap is an impressive analytic plugin. Its features are simply incredible and they are all about the ultimate digital experience. They won’t leave you guessing about the data. With their plugin, you will have all the insight to make the right decisions.

The plugin will provide you immense insight into your data, analytics, and stats. Figure out core metrics that may have an impact on your website. Refine problem areas, discover hidden connections and provide you with the most advanced process to quickly surface the patterns and trends that really matter.

It may not get any better than Heap

Although Crazy Egg is an open-source plugin, you shouldn’t overlook this gem. This plugin uses real-time heat maps to show you exactly where visitors are engaged. With their comprehensive testing tool, you can analyze every detail from color, content, images, and even down to the font. and determine what needs adjustments.

Heap is underrated


I hope this post helped narrow down the many choices. When you get the chance, also check out WordPress plugins that you need and how to install a WordPress plugin.

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