Sajah’s Design Studio is run by Sajah, who loves creating WordPress websites. She loves bringing your amazing projects to life and helping other people understand WordPress. There seems to be a misconception that WordPress is hard and impossible to use, and Sajah would love to shed light on the topic.

Within the blog, you will find resources and tutorials about the WordPress plugins/themes.

Sajah is not paid to write blogs/articles. She writes about plugins and themes, that she favors within the WordPress community. If Sajah believes a plugin may help enhance your website, she will let you know. If she loves a certain theme, she will express her interest. Sajah is also big on exceptional web hosts, and will let other WordPress users know about her experiences.

Additionally, Sajah’s Design Studio earns referral fees when you purchase products from companies that she recommends. This is also known as affiliate marketing and it is a popular practice within companies like Amazon, Clickbank, eBay, Fiverr etc

At some point, Sajah had used one of the plugins and themes and her opinions are her own. She does not accept payments for positive reviews.

Referral links are not only placed within text, but on the blog you may see images like:

When you click on these link(s), whether in the picture or text you are tracked back to the referral website. When you purchase a service/product they will pay us a referral fee. Our referral fees vary per product/services.