These strategies ONLY apply to custom web designs.

Month One

Exploration Stage.

I will discuss the client’s vision and what they want. If they have an existing website, we will go over their vision and goals. What they liked about their website, or what they don’t. How would you like me to level up your brand?

If the client chooses Theme Selection, Sajah will help them pick a theme based on their needs. If they already know which theme they want, then great! Once the theme is purchased by the client, Sajah will install and set up the theme and its features.

If the client chooses Custom Mockups, they will be created based on the client’s concept.

Sajah will design 2 to 4 mockups depending on their package.

Month Two

Revisal Stage.

No matter which option you choose: 

We will go through stock sites, to find the perfect images to enhance your online presence.

Theme Selection

Once the theme/features are set up, the client will explain what they like or don’t on the basic theme. I will revise and polish up the theme.

Custom Design

Once the client receives the 2/4 mockups, the client can pick and choose what they like or don’t. I will revise and polish up the final mockup.

Month Three

Concluding Stage.

When the final mockup is completed, I will upload all the client’s written/images/video content to the website. She will finish up revisions to the content on the website.

Month Four

The website goes live.

  1. I will make sure that everything is running smoothly.
  2. The client will have Mon – Fri(Priority) email support.
  3. As an added bonus, depending on your package, you will receive an additional 60 or 90 days of my help. That includes Add/Delete/Change Content, products etc SEO Updates, WordPress updates/plugins. (1) Hour of Site Maintenance/Updates.
  4. Before your site goes live, we will have a live zoom call and I will walk you through the backend of your site. The call will be recorded. Also, the client will be given a written PDF guide on how to navigate their WordPress website after the 2 to 3 months of support have expired.