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This design add-on covers every aspect of selling WordPress subscriptions, user registration/profiles and so much more. If you choose to edit this plugin on your own, you don’t need advanced knowledge of programming.

What’s Membership Access?

Share exclusive scenes/content/downloads and member-only goodies with your most loyal fans.

Yes, we understand that there’s Facebook and you can utilize that platform but it’s not 100% yours. You can’t control the changes and how they will affect your Facebook group. Members can drop like flies when they decide to implicate changes and members don’t always see all your updates or receive notifications. You have zero say when you rely on someone else.

By creating your own membership site, you have full control over everything. It’s more intimate and your members can always find all your goodies. You can post whatever you like without worrying about your post being flagged or your sensitive fans reporting your content because it’s your membership, your rules.

Membership Features
  1. Protect your membership content.
  2. Memberships of all kinds.
  3. Built in security.
  4. Custimozable login/signup forms.
  5. Social login option.
  6. Multiple payment cycles.
  7. More than one membership.
  8. Pay per post. Drip Content.
  9. Opt-ins integration.
  10. Membership profiles/ directory.
  11. Coupon option.
  12. Country-wise tax.
  13. Invoicing. Invite only

Note: When you purchase this design add-on, I will set up your membership for up to 3 different paid/free memberships. Depending on your requirements, additional charges may apply.

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