Payment Plans

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  • Turnaround: 5 -10 Days
  • Web host included
  • Daily Backups
  • Up to 10 Books
  • 6 default pages
  • 2 Revisions
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Social Media integration

What You Get

Web hosting Inc – Get premium website hosting from with our convenient (1) year payment plan.

An Amazing Website – Mobile-friendly website tailored to your brand and business needs. We’ll work closely to create a site that achieves your goals.

Web Host – Elevate your online presence with a hosting partner that has your back – with superb security and ultrafast speed.

1 Year of Site Maintenance – Ongoing updates and improvements to your website for a full year. This includes regular content updates, design enhancements.

Search Engine Optimization – Basic SEO to improve your search engine rankings, visibility, and traffic. We’ll optimize your site for keywords and help you rank higher in search results.

Email Marketing Integration – Seamless integration with email marketing platforms like MailChimp to help you build your subscriber list and promote your site.

Premium Support – Helpdesk access for any questions and quick troubleshooting whenever issues arise.

This comprehensive package equips you with a mobile-responsive website, reliable web hosting, continuous maintenance, regular updates, email marketing integration, and dedicated premium support. Secure your digital success without breaking the bank.

This plan comes with an easily customizable premade website. You can customize the fonts, colors, logos etc

Choose a premade theme:

1. Pearl Plum

2. Sapphire Charm

3. Blush Polish

4. Mauve Bloom

5. Black Pink– Although this is a one pager, if you like the template we can turn it into a full page website.

6. Golden Burst

7. Rose Simplicity

Fill out the form, and let us know of your specific needs, the functionality you want from your website (# of books, blog, homepage style, colors etc, and your design preferences.

After we have a clear understanding of your needs, our team of expert designers and developers will begin crafting your website. We’ll ensure it not only looks great but also functions seamlessly across all devices.

Your payment commitment is for a period of 12 months, during which your website will be hosted on servers.

We’ll present the initial design to you for review. You can provide feedback and we’ll make the necessary adjustments. To ensure we can deliver your website promptly, we provide up to two rounds of revisions before your website is finalized.

If you do not communicate with us, confirm changes/ edits within a timely fashion than your website will go live, without your consent.

Once the final design is approved, we’ll launch your website, ensure it is SEO-friendly, and provide all the necessary information for you to manage it. We have documentation and don’t worry, we’ll guide you through all the features of your new site after final design is approved.

The launch of your website is just the beginning.

Our monthly membership gives you a full year of ongoing website support and maintenance. Whenever issues arise, simply submit a ticket and we’ll help troubleshoot and resolve them for you. To the best of our capabilities.

We’ll handle all technical upkeep to keep your site updated and running smoothly.

If any problems come up, our team is just an email away, ready to provide expert assistance.

What do I get?

You will receive the design features from our Lite package, which includes:

  1. Turnaround: 5 -10 Days
  2. Up to 10 Books
  3. 6 default pages
  4. 2 Revisions
  5. 30 Days Site
  6. Maintenance
  7. GDPR Compliant
  8. Newsletter Integration
  9. Social Media Integration.
  10. WordPress updates and author support for 12 months for up to one hour per month. If you need any changes or encounter any problems, we’re just an email away.

Below you can browse the premade themes:

  1. Pearl Plum
  2. Sapphire Charm
  3. Blush Polish
  4. Mauve Bloom
  5. Black PinkAlthough this is a one pager, if you like the template we can turn it into a full page website.
  6. Golden Burst
  7. Rose Simplicity

How long do I pay for?

Your payment commitment is for a period of 12 months, during which your website will be hosted on servers maintained by Sajah’s Design Studio.

After this initial contract term, you can choose to renew ONLY for hosting which is $25/M or transfer the service to your own web host.

If you want us to maintain and host your website, you will pay $40 a month.

What If My Website Is Not Finished Within The Time Frame?

In the event that your website is not finished within the specified time frame, the following scenarios will apply:

If the Client Provides All Information On Time: If the client provides all the requested information within 24 hours of receiving our first response, we commit to completing the website within the time frame, listed on the contract.

We work swiftly but rely on the timely submission of necessary details to meet deadlines. It is crucial for the Client to be prepared to furnish all required information promptly upon project acceptance.

Client Responsibility for Timely Submission: The Client bears the responsibility for ensuring that all requested information and content are submitted on time. Failure to do so may result in potential delays and additional fees, as stated in the terms of the agreement.

Delays Caused by Sajah’s Design Studio: If the Client provides all required information on time but we, Sajah’s Design Studio, encounter unforeseen circumstances that prevent us from meeting the deadline, we acknowledge that the delay is our responsibility, and the Client will not be penalized.

Delays Beyond Our Control: Both parties acknowledge that there may be circumstances beyond our control that could cause project delays. In such cases, we will work diligently to mitigate any delays and communicate with the Client to keep them informed.

Please be assured that we strive to deliver projects within the specified timeframes, and open communication between both parties is vital to ensure a smooth and successful project completion.

In the rare instance of unforeseen delays, we will work collaboratively to find solutions and deliver the highest quality website as efficiently as possible.

What If I Have More Books?

Additional Book is $10 Per book and it will be separately invoiced.

What If I Want More Pages?

Additional Page(s) is $25 per page and it will be separately invoiced.

Website Revision

Upon uploading your website content, you will have the opportunity to review the website and provide feedback before we finalize the design.

We offer two revisions. It is essential that you are available during this timeframe to complete the check. If, for any reason, you are unable to provide feedback within 48 hours, we will consider the website design as completed.

What Is GDPR Compliant?

GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, is a law in the European Union (EU) that aims to protect the personal data and privacy of individuals. If your website collects or uses personal data of EU citizens, you need to:

  1. Inform users about what data you collect and why.
  2. Get explicit consent from users to use their data.
  3. Allow users to access, modify, or delete their data.
  4. Keep the data secure and not share it without permission.

To comply, you often need a cookie disclaimer to let users know if your website uses cookies to track their activity. GDPR is essential to protect user privacy and ensure responsible handling of personal data. Non-compliance can lead to significant penalties.

Newsletter Integration

This is optional. However, we do integrate most of the popular newsletter providers.

Social Media Integration

We will integrate as many social media links are you want.

I’m New WordPress, Is This Right For Me?

The answer is a resounding yes. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, WordPress makes website creation simple, even for first-timers.

At Sajah’s Design Studio, we provide new WordPress users with everything they need to succeed. Our detailed training tutorials and videos walk you through managing your site step-by-step. Learn WordPress at your own pace with our dedicated knowledge base.

Or, hand website duties fully over to us. Our team seamlessly handles all your maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting behind the scenes. With this full-service option, running your site becomes effortless.

Whether you want a complete DIY education or preferred hands-off approach, our WordPress solutions cater to you. We’re here to ensure you have the best beginner-friendly experience.

With Sajah’s Design Studio, you’ll gain the website and the skills to thrive.

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