The client’s vision, intertwined with my creativity and design expertise will breathe life into your brand.

I design memorable WordPress websites and I’ve worked with small businesses, charity organizations, authors, and bloggers.

When your website is completed, you will have an amazing and responsive site. As well, there will be a 1-hour zoom presentation/training on how to run/update your WordPress.

Let’s Get Started


I know that everyone is on social media, and that seems to be the easiest way to advertise or promote yourself. However, the most important reason why you should have a website is simply that you have control. You don’t have to worry about being censored or your posts being deleted. It’s your space to do what you want.

A website will create a strong online presence and establish your brand. Without a website, that will be difficult to do. Especially if you want to stand out from your competition.

If you are an author, having a website is easier for your readers because all your book links are in one place. You can get organic subscribers and if you like to offer free ebooks or exclusive/deleted scenes having a website is ideal.

Hire Sajah to get started on your website!

>> Let’s Get Started <<

  1. Default Pages (Contact, Home, About, Blog etc)
  2. Service/Portfolio Page
  3. Newsletter integration
  4. (3) Mockups
  5. 3 Revisions
  6. (1) 45 min Zoom Call
  7. GDPR Compliant

Time Estimation: 4- 16 weeks

Price: $3,365 (Price may vary depending on your needs)

>> Let’s Get Started <<

Everything is included in the above section.

Plus an additional features:

  1. Individual book pages
  2. Buy buttons
  3. Extra’s deleted scenes/ playlist etc

>> Let’s Get Started <<

Don’t worry about updating WordPress or the plugins, I will take care of it.

When your WordPress doesn’t get updated, the site won’t work properly. Also, there are bad people out there, who can hack your site if left outdated. That’s where I step in! Signing up for one of the maintenance plans helps to keep the hackers away. I will maintain your website on your behalf and make sure that it’s safe and secure.

Whether you purchased a design/hosting from me or you have you’re own WordPress site, allow me to level up your security.

>> Purchase Support <<


Got Questions

I have 3 favorite web hosts for WordPress.

  1. SiteGround
  2. BlueHost
  3. WP Engine

Silver (2) Mockups

Gold (4) Mock-ups.

If you would like an extra one or two Mockups, there’s an additional price of $1500/each.

I will make sure that your WordPress site is always updated. With WordPress, certain plug-ins and themes need to be updated and if they aren’t, that may leave your site vulnerable to hackers.

Depending on your plan, whether 30 or 60 days I will complete low-maintenance design changes. Like adding/editing/ deleting pages and content. I will upload blog posts that are submitted by the client.

I will not do extensive/structural changes.

* Any work being completed on your site will not go over 1 hour every month.

When your time expires, and if you would like me to continue to manage your website, you will need to purchase a Revision Package.

Scroll down and browse the Design Addons. With the Silver and Gold Packages, a Service Page and Portfolio are included.

The Gold package comes with an additional Design Addon.

The client can browse ThemeForest and find the perfect WordPress theme for their brand. If the client is unsure about a theme, which I completely understand because browsing all those themes can be frustrating and overwhelming. I can help the client settle on a theme or the client can send me URLs to websites that inspire them and their vision.

Note: If the client chooses a theme selection, and I start working on it, to have the client change their mind to a Custom Design or vice versa, there will be an additional charge of $1,500.

Month One

Exploration Stage.

The client’s vision and our design expertise will help fine tine design concepts. If the client chooses Theme Selection, Sajah will help them pick a theme based on their needs. If they already know which theme they want, then great!

Month Two

Revisal Stage.

Once SDS receives your feedback, I will revise and polish up the final design.

Month Three

Concluding Stage.

After the design is finalized, pages and content will not be linked/uploaded.

Month Four

The website goes live.

Feedback and limited revisions. Testing of the website. Zoom call or emails on how to navigate your website.

Click here if you want a more in-depth explanation of the Exploratory Stages.

Starting investment


This price only includes the package features. If you require additional addons, there will be an additional fee.

Design addon(s) are in USD not CAD.

Why are design add-ons not in Canadian prices?

Design add-ons are extra features that I am purchasing from a third party to enhance your website. Those addon(s) are sold in USD.

WordPress is simple to use, but just in case, I have my Knowledge Center. Tutorials both written and videos will help guide you.  If you are managing the site on your own there is no coding and there are minimal plugins.

Do you want to upgrade your website to the next level? Perfect! I’ve got you covered, purchase a plan and a migration addon.

I will make sure that your WordPress site is always updated. With WordPress certain plug-ins and themes installed need to be updated and if they are not, that may leave your site vulnerable to hackers.

The Revision Package can be purchased once the client’s 60/90 day maintenance feature has expired, and they would like SDS to continue to manage their website.

You can also purchase the Revision Package, even if I have not created a WordPress website for the client, but they find the features beneficial.

For new clients: Depending on your web host will determine if certain features can be installed on your WordPress. Send SDS a message, I’m excited to help you.  

The payment plan is split equally between 4 months.