Don’t worry about updating WordPress

or the plugins, I will take care of it.


1. Manage your WordPress updates
2. 24/7 Security
3. Daily backups and files are stored offsite.
4. Priority Email Support
5. SEO Optimization
6. Hacked Site clean up
7. 1 Hour of Site Updates
8. Add/Delete/Change Content
9. Add/Delete/Change Products
10. Add/Delete/Change Pages
11. Advanced Site Tracking/monitoring

* Changes to layout or content of your website are only subject to (1) hour a month. Client updates can be used to update the theme; adding a new book to an existing or new page, small layout changes. We can update your images and add blog post(s). The client needs to provide blog/page content to post.

If your request(s) expands over an hour, you will be provided an estimate at my hourly rate of $95.

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