When you first create a WordPress website, the system will automatically set your blog as the main homepage. If you are not familiar with WordPress, that will leave you wondering how to set a custom homepage?

Good news, that can be easily changed.

Most people don’t use WordPress for blogs anymore. Businesses are using WordPress simply because it’s powerful and you can customize your site for your brand. When a potential client/customer first lands on your website they will see your homepage, and that page should explain what you are offering.

The homepage should be engaging and convert sales or collect subscribers.

How To Set A Custom Homepage

To get started you would have needed to create a WordPress Page.

If you haven’t done so as yet, click here and I will show you how to create a Homepage.

Once you are signed into your Dashboard:

  1. Dashboard > Settings > Reading
  2. Reading settings > Your homepage displays
  3. Select: A static page (select below)

Scroll down to ‘Homepage‘ and select from the dropdown: Homepage or Home.

Make sure you scroll down and click on Save Changes.

That’s its. Pretty easy =)


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