Similar to how to install a WordPress plugin, I am going to show you how to install a WordPress Theme.

WordPress has hundreds of thousands of themes that are free or premium. When you type in on Google WordPress themes, you will find even more companies that create templates both free and paid.

My favorite place to purchase WordPress themes is Themeforest.

As a beginner it can be hard finding the perfect WordPress theme for your brand and business. Themes nowadays have all kinds of features, all the bells and whistles. Browsing through countless of themes can seem a little overwhelming. My advice would be to think about your business and what it needs. Find a theme that has all the features you need but most likely, you will get more than you paid for as well.

In this post, you will find:

Below I will provide you instructions on how to install a WordPress theme.

How to install a wordpress theme

Before installing a new theme, remember that the new installation will change the way your website looks. Not to mention, how it operates, the functions will be altered. Always take that into consideration before installing a new theme on a preexisting website.

It’s a good idea to back up your website before installing a new theme.

Now, if you’re installing on a a brand new WordPress website than that’s perfect.

I will guide you how to install a theme:

  1. Install Using WordPress From Search
  2. Manually Upload a WordPress Theme
  3. Register Avada License Code

Once you are logged into the backend of your WordPress website, you can explore this directory from WordPress dashboard.

Log into your WordPress Dashboard, and then Appearance browse the directory, log in to your WordPress admin area. On the left side of the screen you should see the navigation, and scroll down to Appearance. Hover over that option and click on Themes.

When the page loads, at the top click on Add New.

On this screen, you can now browse through the different options. If you know the name of the theme, type it in, in the search box. You can click on the different options: popular themes, user favorites or even the latest themes.

Additionally, you can click on the other options as well.

If you need a theme with a particular feature, then you may want to check out Feature Filter. You can select one, two or many features that you desire. At the bottom, click on Apply Filters and the search functions will find your match.

As you see on the image below, I had searched up Astra Theme. It is FREE and one of the most popular, fastest-growing WordPress themes of today.

Click on Install and WordPress will display a green check mark followed by Installed.

At the bottom of them theme block, you will now notice two new buttons.

Click on Activate and you can start using your theme and customizing it to your brand/business.

Once the theme is activated, it will alert you to configure the theme settings.

I am not just talking about the Astra Theme. Any new theme, may ask you you to configure the theme settings. Certain themes may require you to download plugins.

Manually Upload a WordPress Theme

If you can’t find a theme through the WordPress directory, that’s okay because there are lots of other premium themes that will be perfect for your brand. The only problem is that those other themes need to be manually uploaded.

Let’s get started

Once you have the zip file of your theme downloaded on your computer, log into the backend of your WordPress. Scroll down to Appearance, hover over that option and click on Themes.

Top left, and click on Add New.

Click on Upload Theme.

Click on Choose File.

Find the WordPress Theme zip file on your computer and upload it.

When you upload the theme, it will install and you will receive a message, similar to the below image.

You will see three links under the successful message: Live Preview, Activate and Go To Themes Page.

Click on Activate so you can start using your theme right away.

Register Avada License Code

View the image below. If you installed and activated Avada, you will be redirect to the Avada Dashboard. This section is where you will need to insert your license code.

On the left side of the image you will notice two highlighted options: Dashboard and Options. When you click on Options, that is where you will configure the Avada WordPress theme.

Where my dashboard says SDS, yours will display your name instead.

Stay on the Avada Dashboard screen, and scroll down until you get to ‘Your Website is Registered‘ and below paste your license code.

Note: You can find your code on the Avada page on Themeforest. You need to be signed in and click on the Support tab. Scroll down to Purchase codes, and below that title will be your purchase code. Copy and paste that the numbers and letters.

Once you have inserted the license code, you have access to many more of their features and automatic theme updates.

To Conclude

There are many free and premium options that will be perfect for your brand/business. Make sure that you carefully pick a theme that caters to your business requirements. When installing on a pre-existing website, always make sure that you back up your site.

If you want to design your own WordPress website, I recommend Avada. As much as it offers you predesigned themes, you have the option to create your own unique website using their features and builders.

Read our guide on how to create a one page author website.

I hope this post helped you to understand how to install a WordPress theme. When you get the chance, also check out All-In-One SEO For WordPress and and how to create a WordPress page.

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