Authors should be building a devoted reader following by selling ebooks online!

Yes, I know there is a long list of what authors should be doing and I get it, you’re hearing it from everyone/everywhere but this article is important.

Writers have an unprecedented opportunity to forge direct connections with readers through online ebook sales. While the benefits of higher royalties and creative control are enticing, one of the most valuable advantages is the ability to cultivate a loyal, passionate fan base.

Who doesn’t want devoted fans?

Direct Customer Relationships
When you sell through online retailers or stores, there’s a layer between you and the customer. But selling direct means you own the entire customer experience from marketing to purchase to delivery. This lets you personally connect with fans in a way that breeds loyalty.

Behind-the-Scenes Access
Fans crave a peek behind the curtain to feel like insiders. Provide these sneak peek chapters as a reward from purchasing from your direct store. Control the channels to share works-in-progress, videos of your writing process, early book excerpts, and more. This exclusive access fosters their investment in you.

Personalized Customer Journey

Each direct sales interaction, whether email, website, or checkout process, is a chance to reinforce your unique author brand voice and persona. Fans feel like they know the real you, developing rapport that drives deeper commitment.

Value-Added Offerings

Selling direct also opens up opportunities to create enticing ebook bundles that provide great value to customers. Whether it’s packaging together a duet, trilogy, or boxed set of multiple books in a series, bundling allows you to offer a discounted deal so fans can save money when buying multiple titles together.

This strategy is easy to implement by using a service like BookFunnel, which seamlessly delivers ebook bundles. BookFunnel integrates readily with your WordPress website, creating a smooth customer experience.

Community Building
With direct sales, you own the platforms to cultivate private fan communities through forums, live video events, exclusive content areas, memebrships and more. This heightened exclusivity and access creates tight-knit tribes. Within your private community, you have control and no one will ban you for author content.

Sites like ReamStories and Inkitt can provide this service.

Fan Input and Feedback
When fans purchase direct, you can solicit their opinions through surveys, beta reading opportunities, and dialogue. Implementing their feedback into future works fosters loyalty as they see their impact.

Turn a few of your loyal fans into beta readers to help you fine tune your books =)

Early Advocate and Promotion
By developing close fan bonds early through direct sales, you can mobilize their passion into powerful word-of-mouth marketing as an army of authentic advocates upon each new release.

In essence, selling books directly enables you to control the entire customer relationship from beginning to end. This ownership over the journey allows crafting unique, memorable purchase experiences that turn casual readers into superfans invested in your long-term success.

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