4 Month Exploration Sessions

1st Month

Exploration Stage

Exploration Stage

I will discuss the client’s vision and what they want. If they have an existing website, we will go over their vision and goals. What they liked about their website, or what they don’t. How would you like me to level up your brand? The client will decide on selecting a theme or custom design.

2nd Month


Revisal Stage

If you chose to install a theme, I will set up the theme/features. If you decide on a custom design you will receive your mockups. From here the client can express what is working or not. I will revise and polish up the final design. We will browse stock sites to find the perfect images.

3rd Month


Concluding Stage

When the final mockup is completed, I will upload all the client’s written/images/video content to the website. Once all the content is transferred onto your website, we will go through it and make sure that the images, written content, and videos are perfect. Change and adjust as needed.

4th Month


Website Goes Live

I will make sure that everything is running smoothly. The client will have Mon – Fri(Priority) email support. As an added bonus, you will receive an additional 60 or 90 days of my help. Before your site goes live, we will have a live zoom call and I will walk you through the backend of your site. The call will be recorded.