If Sajah’s Design Studio created your website, and when you open a page to edit, all you are seeing are collapsed blue bars, fear not. That is not a bad sign.


Each label you see is a different section to that particular page.

On the above image you see 6 blue bars, 6 sections and 6 labels:

  1. Page Title
  2. 1st Book Feature
  3. Subscribe to Newsletter
  4. 2nd Book Feature
  5. Latest News
  6. Reader’s Group

Each each section holds website content, related to that section title. You can rename, delete your sections. You can edit, delete the content within your sections. (I would advise you not to do that, unless you know what you are doing.)

You can easily open a section to edit it and you can just as easily close a section.

Decide which section that you want to edit, and click on the ⮟ arrow to expand that section. Just as easily, you can click on the ⮝ arrow to close it. Try it out for yourself.

Collapsing sections that you aren’t working on, helps keep the editing/designing process clean and easy.