1. Admin Dashboard, on the left navigation, you will see Pages and click on that option.
  2. Find the page called Home or yours may be called (Book Name) Landing Page, and select on it.
  3. On the blue bar(s) find the section called Book Cover. Depending, you may see labelled collapsed blue bars, or you may see the expanded blue bars. If they are closed, scroll to the section you want to edit: Page Title.
  4. You will now see the elements that you can edit.

On the image below, your landing page should look similar. Depending on your project, it may look slightly different.

There are two design elements:

  1. Download the first chapter…etc
  2. </> Code Block

The first element is the subtitle, telling the visitors to download your book and the second, is the newsletter form. The action the visitor will take to receive the eBook.

If you want to edit the verbiage, hover over the element and you will see a icon and click on that. Same thing if you want to edit the Newsletter code, hover over the </> Code Block and click on the pen icon.

Edit the content and always make sure that you click on Save.

Don’t forget to also Update the page.