First off, you cannot edit your Instagram feed from your WordPress website. You can only do this, from logging into your own Instagram via app plugin on your device.

However, you can edit:

  1. The style and how the Instagram feed is displayed on your website.
  2. How many images will display at once.
  3. The columns, font and color.

I will advise that you do not edit this section, unless you know what you are doing.

To change the settings I listed above:

Admin Dashboard, on the left navigation, scroll down until you will see Tagembed.

  1. To change the feed layout, click on Choose a theme.
  2. To update how many images will display, columns, fonts and color, click on Customize.
  3. No matter what you are doing, always make sure that you click on Apply Settings, to save your edits.

Additionally, Update the page to save your recent changes.