1. Admin Dashboard, on the left navigation, you will see Pages and click on that option.
  2. Find the page called Home, and select on it.
  3. You will now be redirected to the Home page and all the content. Depending, you may see labelled collapsed blue bars, or you may see the expanded blue bars. If they are closed, scroll to the section you want to edit: Reader’s Group.

For the most part, your section should look similar to the image below.


The first element is the Verbiage Title and you can change that by hovering over the element and clicking on icon. The second element is the button, what your reader’s will click on and be redirected to your V.I.P/Reader’s group.

Hover over the button element, and click the icon.

Where it says Button URL place your URL to your V.I.P/Reader’s group.

If you scroll down to Button Text, you can edit the verbiage to the button. So, where it says Click To Join, it can say something else if you want.

Remember to always Save your containers and Update the page.