Yes, of course! Whether you are purchasing a custom design or choosing a premade template, we want you to be proud of your site. Therefore you can control the colors, fonts, and placement of your content. Graphics and images can be swapped out.

Browse over to Template tutorials.

If we are custom designing your site, once your project is completed we will make minor adjustments. However, that is ONLY if you have a Maintenance Package. Essentially, where we may draw the line if it affects the overall structure of the website.

If you would prefer that I make extensive changes to a web design that will change the look/the structure of the theme that I already created, that would be considered a new design. Login to your account and submit a ticket.

If you want to personally change your website, feel free to do so. Please keep in mind that if you mess up, you can reverse those changes. Click here to find out how.

If you want SDS to change minor things, but don’t have a Maintenance Package you will be charged accordingly $95 per hour.