When we created your website, all book covers would have been altered to 400px(Width) by 640px(Height). Larger images take more time to load for visitors and so we bypass this by shrinking the images.

You can adjust the size of your images easily, and for free.

  1. Login or sign up to iLoveimage. You do not need an account.
  2. Click on Resize Image. The big blue button.
  3. Find your book cover on your computer and click on Open.

To your right under Reseize options:

  1. Make sure that you selected By Pixels and NOT By Percentage.
  2. Width: 400 Height: 640.
  3. Check mark, Maintain aspect ratio.
  4. Click on the blue button: Resize Images.
  5. When its completed, it should download right away.
  6. If not, click on the blue button Download Resized Images.