1. Admin Dashboard, on the left navigation, you will see Pages and click on that option.
  2. Find the page called About, and select on it.
  3. You will now be redirected to the About page. If you’re blue bars are collapsed, find the section About Author and click on the ⮟ icon. That will expand the section. If your blue bars are already expanded, then you can move on.

Your About Author section should look similar to the image below:

There should be 3 element boxes filled in with content. Yours may look slightly different. Hover over the element box that you would like to edit. For example if you want to edit your social media links, than scroll down to Social Links. Hover over that element box and a set options will appear, click on the icon.

Always make sure that you click on Save when you are done.

Don’t forget to Update the page.