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What You Need To Do

1. Fill out this form.
2.Purchase recommended Web Host: SiteGround, BlueHost, WP Engine
3. Purchase Avada(Base Theme).
4. (Optional) Purchase Convert Plus $23.
4. Receive a confirmation email from Sajah’s Design Studio and start
customizing your website.


Free and Cheap web hosts will give you all kinds of errors. You were warned and if you chose not to listen, any problems that arise are all on

1. SiteGround
2. BlueHost
3. WP Engine

Demo Installation

If you can’t be bothered, I will install a demo version of your bought theme, on an existing WordPress and Web host. Once the demo is set up, you can browse the Knowledge Center and change/customize your website. Select the Demo Installation option, and I will send an additional invoice.

Don’t want to set up your website, I can do it for you!

Sajah’s Design Studio will set up your entire site from start to finish, with all your author content. Prices will vary, but you will need to browse and purchase a Design Package. If you decide to go down this path, you will receive a $100 discount for already purchasing a theme.

Purchase a Maintenance Package

If you don’t want to maintain your site, leave it up to SDS. I will maintain your website on your behalf, and make sure that it’s safe and secure. I will also update your content and so much more. Choose a Maintenance Package.

It will take up to 24 business hours or less, for me to set up your access to the documentations. Once you receive the confirmation email from, you will receive a link to begin customizing your website. I am so thrilled to start this journey with you and I can’t wait to see your final results.

Bonus 60/90 days of Maintenance

  • WordPress Updates

  • Plugin Updates/ Maintenance

  • 24/7 Security

  • Add/Delete/Change Content

  • Add/Delete/Change Products

  • Add/Delete/Change Pages

* All changes are subject to (1) hour a month.

Important: When choosing a start date, there is a 3 -4 month exploration session. Keep that in mind when picking the start date of your project. If you would like to launch your website quicker and bypass most of the exploration sessions, please state this when you reach out to me. If this is doable, there will be an additional cost of $5,000 to accelerate your project.
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