The agreement is entered into for the purpose of designing an Author Website. This is a  24 - 48 hour website design package, for the client at the cost of $298 USD.
The services to be delivered under this agreement are as follows:
  1. Premade Theme
  2. Mobile-friendly
  3. Up to 10 books - Extra Books: Additional fee
  4. 5 Default Pages - Extra Pages: Additional fees
  5. Basic branding elements (Color & font styles)
  6. 1 Revision
  7. GDPR Compliant
  8. Newsletter Integration: Adding your newsletter code onto the WordPress website.
  9. Social Media integration
  10. 30 Days site maintenance: Updating website and plugins.
  11. 30 Days site Content Updates: Update Author information, books, blog, images and video etc
The Website will have the following features:
  1. Pages: Home, About, Books, Blog, Contact, Newsletter Page, Privacy Page
  2. Header
  3. Footer
  4. Social Media links: URL's provided by the author.
  5. Newsletter signup form: Provided by the client's email provider.
  6. Contact form *Optional
The is a one-off service with a maximum duration of 24 -48 business hours. The start and end date will be outlined in the acceptance email. The design process will begin when we receive the following items from the Client:
  1. Signed copy of this agreement.
  2. Payment in full unless Sajah’s Design Studio and the Client discussed differently.
  3. All website content (Text, Image, video and audio etc)
  4. Login/access details (hosting account and domain).
*By providing login details, the client authorizes Sajah's Design Studio to access the account.
The project will end within 48 business hours after the client receives the acceptance email indicating the project is complete. The project can also be completed sooner if the Client approves the final design before the 48 hour deadline.
If a project goes over the deadline by fault of the Client, there will be a 5% charge per day, until project is completed.
How can a Client, prohibit a project from being completed on time:
  1. Does not respond to any form of messages: Facebook, email, phone calls etc
  2. Provides insufficient information to complete tasks.
Full payment of $298 USD is required upfront before any work begins on the website design. Because this is a 24-48 hour website package, no payment plans are available. If full payment is not received within the first 24 hours, the Designer will not hold the start or end dates of the project. In such case, all discussed timelines and deadlines pertaining to the Client's website design will be considered null and void.
All payment can be made via Stripe.
All costs incurred solely for the purpose of designing your website will be billed directly to the email address you provided on the intake form. These may include but are not limited to software, fonts, graphics, additional plugins etc
Where such costs are incurred, they will be invoiced to you. Whether on the first invoice, or a separate invoice and everything will be due in full. All payment must be made before we begin the design process, and before ownership of the website can be transferred.
The service to be provided under this agreement shall be provided remotely from our work location in Bowmanville, Ontario. Canada.
All communication between the Client and Web Designer will be done via emails and or Facebook Messenger throughout design process.
If the Client has their own web host, the website design will be done in a staging environment until the Client finalizes the overall look of the website: Colors. Typography etc The finalization will take place on the final day of the design process.
We will use a premade theme to design the Client's website and you can change: Colors, fonts and logo. We will not change any structural elements to the website. Sajah's Design Studio will use your author information to upload on the website; biography, book information, covers, images, video, links etc
The Designer will provide the Client with a URL to preview and test the website design. The Client is required to carefully review the preview site and ensure everything meets the agreed upon design requirements.
If the Client requires any changes to the design, they must request revisions by emailing or messaging the details to the Designer. Once all requested revisions are complete and the Client approves the final design, the Designer will transfer the files from the staging environment to the Client's live hosting.
If the Client is hosting with Sajah’s Design Studio, we will design on our servers and set your website as 'Coming Soon' until you are ready to go live.
Once the Client pays the full balance, login information/credentials for WordPress will be emailed. As well as limited Collaboration access web host.
As a Collaborator, you can:
  1. Access most of the Site Tools; Control panel.
  2. Install and remove applications.
  3. Add subdomains, creating backups, restores, installing SSL certificates, and many more.
  4. The Client can request support from the SiteGround Support Team.
You can request minor modification such as font style, colors, element positions. You can quest 1 Revision and you must request these before the 48 hours are up. If you do not request any changes within the 24 - 48 business hours, all design work done will be considered accepted and considered completed.
Depending on the requirement of the revisions it may take anywhere from a few hours to complete. Of course, this all depends on the scale of work. You are allowed up to 1 revision.
All design modifications will be in line with the original brief. Any requests beyond what is included in the brief will be treated as a new project and charged a new fee under new terms.
The initial full balance will not be refunded or transferred to the new project. Any extra fee's for software, fonts, graphics, additional plugins etc will not be refunded.
In order for your website design to be delivered, you must have a domain with hosting in place. The final website design will be applied directly to your live environment via a hosting account.
This agreement covers design services only. The Client is responsible for providing all content for the website, preferably after receiving the project acceptance email from the Designer.
If the Client does not provide content within 24 business hours, the Designer reserves the right to use dummy content for the website design, to be replaced later by the Client's real content.
If there are delays in the project timeline due to events outside the Designer's reasonable control, such as illness, injury, acts of God etc., the Designer will promptly notify the Client.
The Client will be offered a new delivery deadline and may either agree to the extended timeline or request termination of this Agreement.
Depending on the design stage, you may get a partial refund.
You will not receive a full refund.
The Client may terminate this Agreement if the Designer fails to complete the website design within the 48 hour timeline.
If the Client terminates for any other reason, no refund will be provided and the Designer retains all rights to the design work completed up to the point of termination.
If delays in the project timeline are due to the Client's failure to provide needed information, content, or approvals in a timely manner, a 5% per day late fee may be added to the total project cost for each business day until the project can be completed.
We have the right to terminate this agreement if you fail to submit all necessary information and or make payments when due. In the event of termination, we own the design including all versions and elements. We have the right to complete the design, exhibit, and or sell items.
We are not required to issue a full or partial refund.
Sajah’s Design Studio holds the right to all designs until full balance is made.
The Designer reserves the right to display the final website design in their portfolio and promotion materials.
The Client will receive only the final approved design files. The Designer retains ownership of all preliminary design drafts and versions.
The Designer agrees to keep confidential all proprietary information provided by the Client for this project. Such information will only be shared with other team members as needed to deliver the Services outlined in this Agreement.
The Client's personal details will not be shared with any outside parties without the Client's express written consent.
The Designer is an independent contractor and this Agreement does not create an employer-employee relationship between the Client and the Designer. This Agreement also does not create a joint venture or partnership between the parties.
The Designer reserves the right to engage assistants or agents in fulfilling the Services outlined in the Agreement.
The relationship between the Client and Designer is non-exclusive, as the Designer provides services to multiple clients, some of which may be competitors of the Client.
After launch, the Designer will provide the Client with instructions on how to navigate and update content on the website. The Designer will also be available within the 30 day post-launch support period to answer any questions the Client has about using the site.
Support is limited to the first 30 days after the site goes live. If the Client requires further assistance after this period, additional fees may apply.
Support includes 30 days of content updates by the Designer (uploading author content, videos, images, links, etc.) and site updates (updating WordPress system and plugins).
Ongoing maintenance such as SEO optimization, security, database management, etc. are not included.
The Designer will not fix issues arising from edits made by the Client. Such issues may terminate the 30 day support period early.
The Client is responsible for providing all necessary content to be included on the website.
Once the site is live, the Client is responsible for adding any additional content, maintaining security and backups, and performing any needed updates. The Designer is not liable for maintenance, security, or backups of the Client's website after launch.
The Designer is not liable for any legal damages, financial losses, loss of sales, or lack of growth arising from the Client's use of the website, social media profiles, or newsletter.
The Client agrees to release the Designer from liability for any legal disputes related to the website, social media, newsletter, or any other services provided. The Client assumes full responsibility for any such issues.
By submitting this contract, the Client agrees to have their website designed by the Designer in accordance with the Terms and Conditions listed on the Designer's website, which are incorporated by reference into this Agreement.