Creating clean permalinks (URL’s) should be one of the first things you do when you have a WordPress website. Clean URLs is important because they are user-friendly links and search engine-friendly. This is vital when trying to improve your SEO and gain organic traffic.

Since we are working with a WordPress website, they make it very simple to change the URL structure.

Change URL Links

Sign in to your WordPress Dashboard:

Once you sign in, WordPress will redirect you to the dashboard. Scroll down to Settings and hover over that option. Select Permalinks.

Once the Permalink Settings load, scroll down to Post Name and select that option.

Scroll down and click on the blue button Save Changes.

Other Choices

If you would like to play around and see which URL works best for you, WordPress provides you with 5 different permalink options.

  • Plain – The default URL is the post/page Id
  • Day and Name – The URL will timestamp with the year, month, and day.
  • Month and Name – Month and name will be included in the URL
  • Numeric – A generic archive permalink, with a Post/Page ID
  • Post Name – The title of your post/page will be the dominant URL

At the end of the day, it’s recommended that your WordPress site have clean permalinks to help with the viability. Clean Permalinks work well with SEO rankings, especially if you utilize the clean permalinks with kick-ass keywords.

For example: Vs

Do you see the difference?

Did you catch onto the keywords?

Thank you for reading! Now go and create beautiful Permalinks =)