Whether you have a small or large business, it’s a good idea to think about email marketing and the benefits of an organic email list.

Collecting subscribers is an excellent way to reach out to people who actually like what you are offering or talking about.

Benefits Of An Organic Email List

You may have thought about purchasing an email list, but let’s be honest, do you like spam emails?

It may seem enticing, because a high email list seems like easy marketing. You don’t have to do the footwork and collect emails. You might see dollar signs and think easy money, but in reality those people never signed up to your email list. Those people don’t care about you and what you want to say or are offering.

They will never be loyal clients/buyers/readers to your brand.

Organic lists are better than bought ones.

What does it matter?

Like I mentioned above, when you purchase an email list, it’s not the best quality. Most people use fake email addresses and or they have no idea who you are. The moment you send out a campaign, maybe 10% will open that email and immediately block/report or delete you. Another percentage won’t ever open your email and the other percentage will bounce back to your email provider because they are fake.

When you are blocked/reported, your newsletter provider will penalize you. They will deem your email address as unsafe. The email provider will automatically label your email address as spam. Therefore, when you send out another email, you won’t reach anyone’s inbox. Even if you switch email providers, your email address is now tainted.

Hence why organic email list(s) are the better choice.

What are organic email lists?

Organic email lists can be collected through different methods: Emails collected on your website. A lead magnet, incentive, and or from a landing page.

When they sign up to your email list, usually they already know what you are offering from the lead magnet or incentive.

These amazing people who sign up to your email list will help you create a healthy list:

  1. Your emails will be delivered.
  2. There is a higher chance that the subscribers will open your emails.
  3. You won’t be marked as spam/report.
  4. You won’t be penalized for undelivered emails, spam and reported emails.

A healthy organic email list, much like an amazing website, should be one of your most valuable assets to your business. If you are selling anything, you can now view those subscribers as potential customers/clients.

If you don’t have a newsletter, you should consider setting one up.

A newsletter is direct access to interested or loyal customers/clients/readers.

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How To Get People To Sign Up To Your Newsletter?

In the author world, a lot of them offer free eBooks with an exchange for the reader’s email address. That method is a fast and effective way to build their list. They also partake in contests and giveaways.

For example, if a reader wants to win 15 paperback books, they provide an email address.

This can be applied to any business/service.

  1. Coupon giveaways
  2. Contests
  3. Free gifts

Another example:

  1. “Subscribe and receive free shipping on your first order.”
  2. “Subscribe and receive 10% off your next purchase.”
  3. “Subscribe and receive a free sample of face cleanser.”
  4. “Subscribe and receive Book #1 for free”.

You want to offer something that your subscribers want, which is also true to your brand.

If you are offering online services:

  1. “Subscribe and receive our mini course for free.”
  2. “Subscribe now and you will get 15% off a 2nd course.”
  3. “Subscribe and I will send you our 5 day Spiritual awakening.”

These are great because the mini course can be a series of emails. When the subscriber reaches the end, you can offer them an upgrade in the course. You can convert them into a paying customer.

Like with everything, one of the biggest complaints with authors is that once the readers get the free eBook, they unsubscribe. Which brings up a good point because no matter what you are offering, you will always have subscribers who only want the free or discounted service and or product.

Once they get whatever they want, they will unsubscribe.

That is unavoidable.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large business. Even if you have a personal email list talking about your cooking or traveling, understand that people love discounts and free things. On top of claiming your discounted or free item, they may also provide a fake email address.

Fake emails are easy to make and they are also free. I can make one on: Gmail, Outlook etc ‘bunnyears123@gmail.com’. Sign up for whatever promotion I want, claim the offer, report to spam or unsubscribe.

The good news is that with an organic email list, you will receive more genuine subscribers and less insincere individuals. Also, an email provider works with you:

  1. Those who don’t open emails within X amount of days, you can set the system to remove them from your list.
  2. Most email providers will opt-out subscribers if they report you to spam.
  3. If an email address bounces back, they will remove them from your list.

An email provider works with you, to help keep your email list healthy.

Engage Your Organic Email List

This is probably one of my favorite parts of an organic email list.

When you send out emails, with most email providers, from the backend you can see who is opening your emails.

  1. Are they engaging?
  2. Are they clicking on links?
  3. Are certain emails not being opened?
  4. Are you seeing bad patterns with the titles of your emails or vice versa, etc?

With the information you can access, you can understand what sort of subject titles your subscribers prefer. This is important because if you have a sucky subject title, you may have low open rates.

  1. Are your subject titles interesting enough?
  2. Are your subscribers curious enough to want to read your emails?

You can get an idea of what appeals to your subscribers and you can even divide and customize certain emails just for them. You can appeal to your audience in the most perfect way.

I don’t know about you, but when I receive emails or recommendations that are clearly catered toward me, there’s a higher chance that I will click on the links or even buy the products.

Engage your organic email list but still stay true to your brand and products/services.

Loyal Customers Will Help Spread The Word

Giveaways are an amazing way to collect organic email addresses.

Another way to expand your reach and collect more emails is to ask them to share your contest with others. That works wonders when you are trying to grow and achieve new goals.

Ask your subscribers to interact:

  1. Shareable Facebook post
  2. Ask them to retweet a Twitter post
  3. Like an Instagram image

It’s easy and free.

To Conclude

Don’t buy email lists and don’t rent them. You will most likely be blacklisted and your emails will ONLY ever land in the spam. Grow your list, study your subscribers and learn their preferences.

Don’t take it personal if they unsubscribe or even report you as spam.

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