Character Design

These prices include full body characters (Non-Commercial Use ONLY)

Non-Commercial Use Commissions are artworks that clients are permitted to use for personal purposes.

Clients have the freedom to print the artwork, display it online (with appropriate credit whenever possible), and showcase it according to their preferences.

However, the sale of any materials featuring or derived from the commissioned piece is strictly prohibited. If the client wishes to utilize the artwork for commercial purposes at a later stage, this can be discussed, and an additional fee will be applicable.

Character Prices

Single Character: $300

Two Characters: $600

Three characters: $900

Add Background +$150

*Depending on your project/background there may be additional charges.

Extras Features

Anywhere from from $50 – $250

  1. Badass Weapons
  2. Fantasy Upgrades
  3. Awesome Wings/Extra Limbs
  4. Sick Tattoos
  5. Epic Armor

Other Features

Commercial Art +50% of the baseline price of the artwork

Example: 1 Single Character Design commission costs $304. (304+50% = $456).

If you are using our art/character for commercial uses/primarily advertising: Commercial art uses a variety of platforms (magazines, websites, apps, television, etc.) for viewers with the intent of promoting the sale and interest of products, services, and ideas. You need to purchase the additional add Commercial Addon.

We, the artist, maintain ownership of said artwork for my own personal and commercial use and to display it on my portfolio and social media.

Exclusive Ownership +150% of the baseline price of the artwork

Example: 1 Single Character Design commission costs $304. (304+150% = $760).

Exclusive Rights Commissions grant clients full ownership of the artwork, transferring not only the physical piece but also all related rights (intellectual property). Only the client has permission to use and sell the artwork, while the artist’s ability to showcase it on social media and in their portfolio will be subject to negotiation with the client.

What is your style of character design?

We specialize in Semi Realistic character design.

How long does a design take?

It depends on your project, but a single character 1 – 4 weeks. Once payment is confirmed, we will be able to give you an estimation.