There are so many benefits to using this popular CMS, but today I am going to tell you our top 5 benefits of WordPress.

I’m going to be honest with you… I love WordPress simply because it’s not just a platform to create blogs anymore. Back in the day, I avoided WordPress because I was not a fan of the blog format, but now, there is so much that you can do.

The possibilities are endless.

5 Benefits of WordPress

I’ve owned many websites throughout the years, and WordPress has become my favorite platform. If you’re assuming that this platform is only for businesses, well, let me assure that is far from the truth

Sure, you can choose a more simple platform, but it will also offer you fewer features/services. WordPress offers a lot and you don’t need to know coding to get a website that you can be proud of.

The content management system (CMS) is easy to use and perfect to show off products and services that you are offering. Help raise your ranks within search engines and, of course, collect organic subscribers.

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WordPress is your website, and you have full control over everything:

  1. Written post/videos
  2. Products that you choose to sell
  3. Services that you offer.

When you post to WordPress simultaneously, you can post to other social media platforms like:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter etc

5 Major Benefits of using WordPress Platform:

1.WordPress is user friendly

There seems to be a misconception that WordPress is confusing and hard to use. Actually, it is quite easy. Unless you simply don’t have the time or don’t want to understand the platform.

From adding a page or editing a blog, it is easily accessible from the Admin Dashboard.

You can have WordPress up and running in minutes, because most Web host(s) offer a free system to install WordPress on your behalf. You can do this without technical knowledge, and without contacting customer support.

Once installed, you can access your Admin Dashboard and edit your site.

2.Easy to install themes

Remember, I said that you don’t need to know coding to make a WordPress website?

Well, I wasn’t making it up. You can find all kinds of themes, and various prices for your project at

As well on Google, if you type in WordPress themes, you will find many more options.

One of my favorites places to buy WordPress Themes is ThemeForest.

Many of the themes are customizable to your brand and appearances.

3.There’s a plugin for that…

You’ve installed WordPress, and now you would like to customize your site. Plugins are a good choice to level up your website.

There are hundreds and even thousands of plugins that you can choose from: contact form, membership site, downloads etc.

Whatever you need, most likely there’s a plugin for it.

Whether it’s free or premium( paid plugins) the options are endless.

Which brings me back to choosing a simple platform, because it then limits what you can do. Your brand won’t be able to thrive properly.

4.Updates are automatic

This one also connects to #3 because when you have a WordPress site and plugins you need to keep the system updated. The developers of WordPress and various plugin(s) release updates to fix problems that may arise which will help keep your website safe from hackers/bugs etc

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Nevertheless, this may sound daunting, especially if you have a lot of plugins. To manually update them all would be time-consuming. However, WordPress has an option to update your site and plugins on its own. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Please be aware that this feature is ONLY if you have a self-hosted WordPress; not free.

I would advise that you have a plugin installed that routinely backs up your website. If any problems arise with the updated WordPress or plugins, you can restore the older version(s).

Additionally: SiteGround does an amazing job at managing WordPress websites and Migrates them for free. Not to mention they offer outstanding software and security to manage WordPress and as a bonus, daily backups. If that wasn’t enough, I love their customer service.

5.Finding a webhost is easy

In order for anyone to find your website, you need a web host. Web host is where you would store your online files: video’s/images, texts, audio clips, etc

Every single website on the internet, has a web host that hosts all of their files.

Now, there are companies that offer various hosting plans depending on the requirements for your website.

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I host my clients with SiteGround, because they are reliable and have amazing support for WordPress websites.

To Conclude

Everyone around the world uses WordPress because it is powerful. Yes, once starting as a blogging tool, but it has developed into one of the most robust content management systems(CMS).

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